Opportunities for diversify
Select number of investment opportunities ranging from private equity, private debt, and public market.


Protect your financial security
We’ll ensure you and your family are well protected but that you’re not overspending on plans that bring no extra benefit.

Financial Planning

Putting it all together
Putting together the proper investments and strategy to helping you achieve your goals.

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Marvin W. Nickel

For over 27 years, Marvin W. Nickel has pursued a singular mission – to develop retirement plans to help clients ensure their “golden years” are just that, truly golden.

In 2007 he founded “The Wealthy Edge®”, to enhance the financial planning process, weaving solutions together into an integral plan, so all aspects work harmoniously together.

Value Proposition

Clarity – We provide a complete wealth clarity discussion to provide clarity around your goals for the future and put it on paper?

Complete – We complete a wealth implementation schedule to get your complete financial life in order and keep it going forward.

Transparent – We help you understand the total cost of investing and advice so you know what you get for the costs.

Quality – We provide a wealth quality financial and investment plan that makes it realistic for you to achieve your outcomes.

Team – We provide you access to a team and network of professionals.

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