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Here at Nickel Financial®, we provide a distinctive combination of wealth management services to better build, manage and preserve your wealth. We are dedicated to excellence and endeavour to explore and understand your financial situation, providing you with the highest quality services to help you reach your goals. We aspire to be the best at what we do, giving you the personal touch by providing accountability, exceptional service and simplifying your family's investment and legacy-related needs.

For over 30 years, Marvin W. Nickel has pursued a singular mission – to develop retirement plans to help clients ensure their "golden years" are just that, truly golden. In 2007 he founded "The Wealthy Edge®", to enhance the financial planning process, weaving solutions together into an integral plan, so all aspects work harmoniously together.

Value Proposition

  • Clarity – We provide a complete wealth clarity discussion to provide clarity around your goals for the future and put it on paper?

  • Complete – We complete a wealth implementation schedule to get your complete financial life in order and keep it going forward.

  • Transparent – We help you understand the total cost of investing and advice so you know what you get for the costs.

  • Quality – We provide a wealth quality financial and investment plan that makes it realistic for you to achieve your outcomes.

  • Team – We provide you access to a team and network of professionals.


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