Putting it Altogether

Because of his experience, Marvin has a very broad-based knowledge of strategies and investment/insurance related products. He takes an all-inclusive approach but has the expertise on many financial services related solutions. In areas that are outside his jurisdiction he engages the use of other professionals.

Because of his ability to ask the right questions and listen intently to his clients he is able to gather a very good understanding of his client’s needs and concerns. He is able to communicate effectively by taking seemingly complicated strategies and explaining them in understandable terms.

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Six Step Financial Planning Process

1. Establish the Engagement: Define the Terms of the Engagement

Together with you, Marvin will define and agree on the scope of the financial planning engagement. During this process, we discuss each party’s responsibilities, the time frames of the engagement, compensation, and any conflicts of interest.

2. Gather Your Data: Determine Goals, Needs and Priorities

Marvin will discuss with you, your financial goals, needs and priorities with them before making and/or implementing any recommendations. He will then gather all quantitative and qualitative information relevant to the engagement. Sufficient information should be gathered from you before making and/or implementing any recommendations.

3. Analyze Your Financial Information

Marvin will analyze all your financial information to determine the your financial situation, and evaluate to what extent your goals, needs and priorities can be met under the current circumstances.

4. Develop and Present the Financial Plan: Identify and Evaluate the Financial Planning Strategies

Marvin will identify and evaluate financial planning strategies to achieve your stated goals, needs and priorities. He will then develop recommendations to achieve your stated goals, needs and priorities, and will communicate these recommendations in a way that is easy to understand.

5. Implementation of the Financial Plan: Agree on Implementation Action,  Responsibilities and Time Frames

You and Marvin will come together and agree on implementation action, responsibilities and time frames.  Together with you, Marvin will then act to implement the approved recommendations.

6. Review the Financial Plan: Agree on Responsibilities and Time Frames for the Review and Re-Evaluation of the Financial Plan

You and Marvin will agree on a time frame for monitoring and evaluating the financial plan. Together with you, Marvin will then review the financial plan to assess its progress, to determine if it is still appropriate and to confirm any revisions mutually considered

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”