AP Capital Corp.
A Diversified Portfolio of Mortgage Loan Investments

Ideal for Investors seeking:


  • Monthly Income – The distribute monthly income that is higher than traditional investment products, such as bonds and GICs. *For more information, please refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
  • Capital Preservation – Risk Mitigation through diversified portfolio of assets and short-term loans.
  • Security – Their funds are secured by real property and they diversify their portfolios across several markets, and different types of mortgages and properties.
  • Liquidity – Flexible exit terms allow access to your capital (certain restrictions apply) in the event you need it; your investment is not tied to a maturity date of individual properties/mortgages in the fund.
  • Greater Portfolio Diversification – Non-bank lender mortgages have low correlation to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs and are not subject to the higher volatility of publicaly-traded securities on the market.

“What I find attractive about the AP MIC versus many others MICs, is they lend primarily on existing single detached homes in urban areas…unlike other MICs that went into default in the 2008-09 because they had loaned most of their money to speculative land development and/or properties outside of urban centers.

I also like the fact that the mortgage are relatively short-term. The longer the mortgage, the greater chance of something going wrong. AP has not missed a single monthly distribution since inception (9+ years).”

Marvin Nickel

Targeted Annual Distribution

5.65% Per Annum, Paid Monthly

Distribution Re-Investment Plan Available (DRIP)

Class B Shares Distributed Return*

2021  6.00%**

2020     6.80%

2019     7.15%

2018     7.09%

2017     7.03%

 2016     7.16%

2015   13.45%

2014     8.15%

2013     8.07%

2012     9.50%

2011   11.65%

2010   12.21%

*Weighted average return


Key Highlights

  • Primarily Residential Mortgages in major urban centers.
  • Average portfolio term to maturity is 12 months
  • Target 50% of portfolio to 1st mortgages
  • Targeted weighted average LTV of portfolio is 70%
  • Interest paid monthly or DRIP
  • Minimum investment = $10,000
  • Eligible for Registered Plans

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