ICM Property Partners Trust


Tax-efficient Income & Long-term Growth

The Benefits of Private Real Estate

 #1  Private Real Estate Generates High Absolute Returns 
#2  Private Real Estate has Low Correlation to other Asset Classes
#3  Private Real Estate is Tax Efficient

Michael Episcope “Real Estate Investment Benefits” March 21, 2018


ICM Asset Management was founded in 2003 to preserve and grow the wealth of retail, private client and institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios through the use of alternative asset classes.

ICM Asset Management has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and leading provider of alternative investment solutions and manages more than $1.4 billion of assets on behalf of our investors in an array of investment opportunities focused on real estate, private equity and alternative income strategies.

ICM Property Partners Trust is a diversified North American real estate fund that owns, operates and develops a large portfolio of industrial, residential, office, retail, mixed-use and hospitality assets.

Who Invests?

• An investor seeking stable monthly income

• An investor pursuing alpha from active value creation strategies

• An investor seeking a diversified portfolio of real estate assets and real estate lending investments with a low correlation to public markets

• An investor searching for direct investment exposure to high-quality real estate assets in major markets

• An investor who feels it is important to work with a strategically aligned and experienced manager

Investment Strategies

As at September 30, 2021

Total Target Return

9.0% – 12% per annum, depending on series and DRIP strategy selected

Targeted Distributions

5.0% – 6.0% per annum Series A-C Units

Up to 15% Price Discount to current issue price using the DRIP strategy

Minimum Investment

$5,000 Series A & B

$25,000 Series USD

$150,000 Series C

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