Invico Diversified Income Fund (Class B)

A Diversified Portfolio of High Yield Lending and Investment Opportunities

Ideal for Investors seeking:

  • High Yield Income Paid Monthly
  • Diversified Portfolio of Income Generating Strategies
  • Low Correlation to Traditional Market Securities*
  • Professional Money Management


A private investment offering focused on generating monthly income through a diversified portfolio with asset collateralization or direct ownership in private assets.

Focused on capturing special opportunities between $1 Million and $15 Million which are typically too small for institutional capital markets and often too complex, time consuming or have higher perceived risks than traditional commercial banking groups are prepared to facilitate.

Invico Capital has an experienced team comprised of portfolio managers, securities lawyers, due diligence specialists, energy technical experts, accounting and marketing professionals.

Targeted Annual Distribution

7% Per Annum Paid Monthly

Annual Profit Participation

80% of available distributable capital

 (depending on unit class)

Class C Annual Distributions

2014: 11.3%
2015: 11.5%
2016: 8.0%
2017: 8.0%
2018: 12.5%
2019: 8.0%
2020: 8.0%
2021: 8.5%
Note: The calculation of compound annual return/growth rate assumes all distributions are reinvested in additional units and is shown for investments less than $500,000 in ICC300C based on a $10 issuance price and without impact of early redemption fees; special distributions are attributed to the year of declaration and distribution reinvestments were made at $10 per unit until April 2020, after which reinvestments were made at NAV per unit.


  • Diversified Income Producing Portfolio

  • 7% Targeted Annual Preferred Rate of Return

  • Distributions Paid Monthly

  • Distribution Re-Investment Option (DRIP)

  • 80% Annual Profit Sharing potential in addition to the Targeted Preferred Return

  • Experienced Professional Money Managers

  • Time Horizon – Open-ended

  • Quarterly Redemption Options, subject to redemption schedule

  • Minimum $6,000

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