Make Space Capital Partners Fund

Investment Opportunity

Invest in a portfolio of cash flowing self-storage real estate for current income and growth potential. Earn the current tax efficient income or choose to hold the trust units in any of your registered plans such as an RRIF, RRSP, LIRA or TFSA.

Self Storage real estate is considered to provide stable cash flows with lower risk as it pertains to sensitivity to changes in economic GDP.

Before the facilities enter the Fund, Make Space Inc. ensures the facilities are stabilized as individual storages or mini-portfolios. This ensures the Fund provides investors a balance of stability with growth, two things that they know are important to our investors.

Targeted Total Annual Return

12.0% – 15.0%

Targeted Annual Distribution
6% per annum paid quarterly

Key Highlights

  • 6% Targeted Annual Distribution Paid Quarterly
  • 12-15% Targeted Annual Preferred Rate of Return
  • Current A4 Series has an attractive 70/30% Profit Split to Investors.
  • Minimum 8% Investor Hurdle Rate applied before Profit Split
  • Distribution Re-Investment Option (DRIP)
  • Experienced Professional Money Managers
  • Exit Date: July 29, 2025 (see OM for details)
  • Quarterly Redemption Options, subject to redemption schedule
  • Minimum $6,000
  • Eligible for Registered Plans i.e. RRSP, TFSA

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