Newlook Capital Dental Fund


High Yield Income Opportunity

The Fund

Attractive to investors seeking high yield income paid on a quarterly basis or an option to have the distributions re-invested (DRIP) and reap the benefits of compounding until income is needed. Investing in private debt assets can further enhance portfolio diversification as private assets have a low correlation to traditional investment assets.

The Newlook Capital Dental Services Trust is a fund which allows investors to purchase units that will invest in debentures (interest-bearing debt securities) secured by the assets of Dentalook Management Company.

Dentalook is a multi-city, multi-clinic group of practices operating in central Canada. The operating partner, Dr. Said Mazahreh has extensive experience growing and acquiring practices, and currently owns and operates 10+ practices. He has built a strong team and an efficient operations model applicable across multiple locations.

Why Invest in a Dental Practice?

  • The dental industry has proven to be a consistent and stable recurring source of revenue delivering high net margins and efficient business models.
  • Management believes certain business, like the dental industry, are less affected by downturns in the economy. As sourced by the Dental Economics publication “The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the US Dental Industry”
  • A fund comprised of investments in several well-managed clinics can make an attractive component within a larger portfolio.

Targeted Annual Preferred Distribution

9% Per Annum, Paid Quarterly


  • Dentalook Delivers a Proven Model
  • Diversified Portfolio of Dental Practices
  • 9% per annum Preferred Targeted Return paid quarterly or DRIP option
  • The Fund will invest in Debentures Secured by the Assets of the Dentalook Management Co
  • The Fund will have a 5 Year hold term plus two one-year extensions at the discretion of the Fund, with limited liquidity throughout the life of the Fund*

*Investors should anticipate a 7 year hold term

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